The V22 Osprey…and the Predator

Arnold did a fine job of yelling Get to the chopper! as the alien hunter descended on him right out of the trees…but have we really got anywhere near the chopper yet?

This is an amazing book and, IMHO, Richard Whittle needs way-way-way more recognition than he has received till now.

Call them STOL or VTOL or Convertiplanes or Tiltrotors or Cyclocopters or whatever, the colossal struggle in the history of aviation engineering to get them short-or-no-runway-needing machines to match the speed, range, and altitude of conventional winged flight has been largely ignored by many – and is painstakingly researched and brilliantly documented in this book.

In particular, I loved the line: The helicopter is an interim vehicle. It’s an interim aircraft.

Equally amazing is Whittle’s book on the Predator drone. And actually a (much) easier and lighter read as compared to the V22 Osprey.



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